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The site future

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So it has been a long time since any attention was paid here. A shame too. So much potential wasted. The current status of nixnut is that of a mostly dormant web site basically intended at this point to store my personal how-to’s, lists of drivers, how I did something, be it a computer something, or replacing the shear-pin in my snowblower’s broken spindle!

I’ve been on the web here for a long time. Since at least 1996. In that time the domain has changed names only 3 times. The purpose of the site was always the same. To hopefully educate someone on a particular item that a specific search had led them here to find. Their solution being my only hope and goal. If the “FSM” was watching over then all has gone well and I didn’t make any smoke come out of your computer! read more

VSIDO Updates

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There are (not so new now but still viable and available!) new ISO’s available of your favorite Linux distribution. Terry Ganus aka VastOne has released new and updated x64 and x64_uEFI ISO’s. There will no longer be updates for the x32. read more

New stuff coming soon, I promise

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Been way to neglectful of the site.  Busy and other life things happen.  I’ll do my best to have some fresh and interesting content posted real soon!

Thanks for checking in…

Jed read more

Color My Keyboard!

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Back in February, I bought a new laptop.  An MSI GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G.  I know, it rolls right off the tongue!  Windows 10 Home came pre-loaded.  Of course I removed all traces of Microsoft from the machine almost immediately.

One of the “features” of this great laptop, is that it comes with a mechanical “SteelSeries” multi-colored, led back-lit, keyboard.  This was not a factor when I purchased it.  I’ve had back-lit keyboards before and they are a truly great innovation.  While booted into the original OS that came on the laptop, I oohed, and ahhed at the colorful beauty.

Like I said, Microsoft was left behind and Linux found it’s new home.  No more colored keyboard lights.  Just the same old white back-lit keys I was used to.  I was ecstatic!  This was the first laptop I had installed Linux read more

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