The Gallery “finally” arrives

Ok, so to look at any of the pics I’ve taken, just click on the Photog! tab at the top of the site.  From there you can choose which photo album to look at.  Some of the photo’s are large, however, once it loads if you click on it you’ll see a version that will fit to your screen!  Enjoy.

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Finally, the Pictures’!

OK, finally got a little gallery viewer going to show off some of my photo’s!  The blog site is powered by WordPress of course!  It is hands down the best CMS available on the web and to top it all off it’s free!  The pic’s are showing up using a plugin for WordPress called WP-Photo-Album.  Works great as you can see.

To view the pictures, just click on the tab at the top of the website called Photog!

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!  Thanks…

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Cool Shroom’s

The picture in the header above was taken in my backyard, the mushrooms were literally growing out of the side of a tree in my back yard! I’ll post a couple of the shots I took of them later. read more