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Posts published in April 2013

32 bit VSIDO Linux Released Today

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vsidoroomWell, for those of you who have been waiting, the wait is over!  You can download the 32 bit version from the link at the bottom of this post.  There is now a 32 bit version of VSIDO available for download for those of you with 32 bit pc’s.  If you can’t wait, you can just get it here!

Also, this is good news for anyone thinking of throwing out that “older” pc or laptop.  With the 32 bit version of VSIDO, you can literally breathe new life into an old pc.  I personally just ‘resurrected’ an old Toshiba laptop that has 692Mb of RAM.  It boots into the VSIDO OS only using 84Mb’s of RAM!  It is also no strain on the Intel Celeron processor!

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Asus G55VW Laptop Review

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So after the fiasco of the last laptop purchase, I took a little more time and finally made a new purchase.  Actually, I bought this one from a trusted ebayer who had owned it for a month.  After receiving it, and transferring the warranty into my name, all is perfect!

This review is mostly written for the Linux community as this is a native, Linux installed laptop.

As with the last one (MSI G60), this one also came with Windows 8 installed on it.  I actually gave it a pretty good work out with the latest offering from Microsoft before throwing my hands up in despair, and shouting at the heavens, “Oh the humanity”!  Or something similar.  I actually spent most of a day ‘playing’ around with Windows 8 before doing a complete wipe of the drive it was installed on.  I did this with the full knowledge that I had no back-up media or install disks for this laptop.  It came with none, and this was agreed to by me with the seller beforehand.  I totally wiped the GPT partition, including the 200Mb Fat32 partition that the EFI information is installed to.  Readers of my blog will know that I’m a Linux guy, so I did this basically as a “protest” delete of Microsoft!  And hey, it felt good too!

Once this was done, I quickly reset BIOS to use Legacy Mode, setup the drive as an msdos formatted drive, partitioned it to my liking and got on with Linux life!

The design of the laptop itself retains Asus’s read more

The Laptop Return!

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OK, so a little late getting this written, but better late than never.  In February I bought an MSI Laptop from a reseller on ebay.  Said reseller being Computer Upgrade King.  I returned the laptop at or about the 30th day of having it.  I did so because when trying to restore the original OS it would not see the Samsung SSD drive.  It was there in BIOS, but just refused to accept the restore technique provided by MSI, which was simply the create/restore process.  So, a thumbs down to MSI as the experience was very taxing on my mental health!

As far as Computer Upgrade King goes, they promptly returned my entire purchase amount but, only after a threat of filing a complaint with ebay and the Better Business Bureau in Midlothian VA.  I was also forced to pay the return shipping, which was, I suppose, a small price to pay to get my refund.  I was forced to make the threat of filing complaints after being told it might take up to two weeks to receive my refund.  This after paying immediately via PayPal.  Upon realizing my intentions were serious, the money appeared in my PayPal account that very day!  Needless to say, I’ll never do business with them again.

Ebay has a policy that allows questionable sellers to still have a 5 star rating.  All the seller needs to do is offer free shipping!  That’s it!  In the future, when buying on ebay, I wont be as interested in the shipping charges as I will the sellers rating in the ebay read more

Republic Of Gamers Forum Website

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rog_logoThis is where I can vent and rage against the machine so-to-speak.  For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been trying to REGISTER at the ROG Forums website.  To no avail.  This is totally unacceptable as this is the community site for the Asus computers you purchase.  Their response is NONE, and that is even worse than someone being rude to you.  They just ignore you.  A $2000.00 laptop, you’d think they’d jump through hoops to be sure your happy with more than just the hardware.  This is apparently not the case.  I see that current users there are posting as the dates suggest an always active forum crowd.  Perhaps they’ve reached their limit for users?  Well I guess I’ll never know as I can’t get a response from them as to why I can’t sign up with my EXISTING Asus Member account, which is connected to my REGISTERED G55VW ROG Gamers Laptop!  So if you had to say this was a read more

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