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Posts published in September 2013

Available immediately, VSIDO II Velociraptor

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Available today, as of 2:00 pm, is VSIDO II Velociraptor. On Jan 17th this year, VastOne, aka, Terry Ganus released “the Kraken”, better known as VSIDO Linux. It has been a smashing success! Terry has essentially brought SID to a place, where any user, can reliably count on it as their main desktop OS. SID is known in the Debian world as the “Unstable” step brother to Debian’s ‘current’ stable release, Debian 7.0, codename Wheezy. (Many Linux designers have a ‘codename’, which in Debian’s case is always referenced to a “Toy Story” character from the children’s film. Sid is the angry next door neighbor kid who is mentally unhinged. The current stable release is Wheezy, the penguin from “Toy Story 2” with ‘Jessie’ being the name of Wheezy’s successor) SID would be better described, (and Debian would be better served) if they changed this moniker from “Unstable” to “Rolling Release”. Not quite the bleeding edge of Linux, it will always be up-to-date, as well as have the latest packages available to it. But, this article isn’t about Debian or SID as read more

Special VSIDO Announcement In Hours!

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For all you VSIDO users, and for all who are wanting to try it, stay tuned over the next 24 to 48 hours for some special news about JedsDesk’s favorite distro.  This is good news indeed and a lot of hard work went into getting here!  Stay Tuned… read more

Warning: nvidia + Debian

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Just to let everyone know, I’ve tried enough times now that I’ll wait for the newer Kernels to come out.  Trying to install the nvidia 325.15 driver on the Debian 3.10-2.amd64 Kernel is a big fail!!!  Same result when trying with the latest Aptosid Kernel.  Liquorix latest 3.10-11 works great! Go Liquorix! read more

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