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Posts published in October 2013

VSIDO 2 Velociraptor Desktop

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Linux Beauty

Just thought I’d post a screen-shot of my latest desktop using VSIDO 2 Velociraptor!  Talk about an awesome Debian Sid based distro.  Interested, grab it at! read more

Confessions of a VSIDO Tester!

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vsido_banner_by_lwfitzI’ve been working on a Linux project for over a year now.  OK, first confession here, it hasn’t been work.  Actually, I was lucky enough to have been the third individual to fully install and begin this testing process.  Since “The Beginning”, a few have fallen by the wayside.  Life happens.  For those of us still participating in the adventure that has become VSIDO, this has been a whale of a ride!  It has been truly reassuring to see that Linux really is a community driven project.  One that doesn’t have to fear the fickle decision making process of a Corporate board of directors concerned only with dollar signs, and bottom lines.

Over the past two months, version 2 of VSIDO, codename Velociraptor has been released.  At the same time, the user base read more

Family Nap!

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Cheryl got a shot of me napping (I mighta been pretending) with the pet family.  (minus Jingles, the Tom cat!)  Yep they’re both that fat!!!

Me, Mittens, and Olive. Me, Mittens, and Olive. read more

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