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Posts published in December 2013

Rabbit Hole

Terry Ganus 0
One derivative gives you everything, 
and one nothing at all
And the one that git will get you 
is the master of them all

Go ask billyball when it was 1000 feet tall

And if you go chasing UNIX, 
and you know it's going to fail
Tell them your neck beard had overcome you 
and the need was to learn

And call Linus, when he was so small

When the engine of the spiders 
take you where to go
And you just had an epiphany 
that showed you nothing at all

Go ask Google, they always know

When choices and decisions 
have led you to the end
And the watchtower is leading you 
to the mint valley
And the redhats and fedoras no longer fit
Remember what the savant said
information is the only power
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What is the future of VSIDO?

Terry Ganus 4
vsido_banner_luke80The first year of VSIDO was to see what the community would really want as it developed.  When I first put it together, I really just got it to a point that it could be released and it was roughly my desktop.

On subsequent builds, things would get added and I never paid close attention the the cruft that was also getting installed with updates.

When I made the decision to go to just FluxBox, I built it from scratch and one segment at a time and began the build process after each segment to see where and what was happening.  Through this process, I was able to use ncdu and really analyze what was going where.  This led to a critical look at just what applications made up VSIDO and make better decisions on additional things.  Really, the short answer is that I took a clear look at the build and streamlined it

I am quite happy right now with VSIDO and think it is at the point that I can sit back read more

VSIDO 3 Codename: savant-hakerdefo

admin 0

VSIDO 3 Now Available


That’s right, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!  Version 3 released this week, unveiling a slightly new direction for VSIDO.  Now a Fluxbox only distro, a smaller LiveUSB image coming in at 412mb just in case you rather have the LiveCD version.  For those that are unaware, using a LiveUSB can speed up an install by at least a factor of 10 and is as easy to make as a LiveCD.

The total install once completed averages around 1.6Gb’s of space.  Memory resources are also at an all time low.

This build, like it’s predecessors in the past has all the apps and tools at your disposal to be up and productive in less than 4 minutes.  That is correct, from a blank hdd to a fully functional OS in less than 4 read more

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