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Posts published in February 2014

The Right Decision

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On Sunday a vote was made concerning the future of Debian.  Bdale Garbee initiated a “Call For Vote” on the ‘systemd vs Upstart’ issue.  This has been an issue troubling Debian for quite some time and was becoming a major distraction in the community at large.

The TC (the Debian Technical Committee) was tasked with the job of deciding on the next init system for the next version of Debian known as Jessie.  The first order up for discussion should have been the history of Debian and their philosophy for the last 21 years concerning FOSS.  The current init system, sysVinit, is outdated, and technology has moved on.  sysVinit unfortunately has not.  Admittedly there are other init solutions out there, but how ready, and how beneficial would it be to pick one that is a) barely better than the current sysVinit, b) technically inferior to the top contender, and c) maintained in such a way that dev’s need to sign a CLA to even submit a patch?

For there to have been a serious contender on the table that forced Debian dev’s to sign a CLA, or in essence a copyright clause, before being able to submit a patch to upstream was a disgrace to Debian.  I’m sorry, I think they’ve suffered a seriously self-inflicted black eye here.

The particular contender in question here was Upstart, maintained by Ubuntu/Canonical, and “owned” by Mark Shuttleworth.  Had the CLA requirement been removed, I believe read more

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