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Posts published in August 2015

VSIDO at three

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All grown up and matured.  No drama, no muss, no fuss!  Not really so much to write about, as it is still the goto distro on my laptop.  Three years, and one distro.  Been a lot of fun, and a lot of stability.  I have toyed with some different ‘window managers’ during this period, but in the end always arrive back to the default VSIDO WM, Fluxbox.  Quite an elegant Linux distro!  The community is a lot larger now than it was back then, but still the best Linux forum/community, I’ve ever been a part of.  Some really smart, talented people!  You should probably go download and install it now.  Download VSIDO

I’ll say more when it starts getting colder outside…

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The subsequent, subsequent post?

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OK, I’ll just come out and type it.  There will not be a ‘subsequent’ Nexus post.  (a) I don’t recall what I was going to write about anyway (b) it would have been boring and probably already written down somewhere else and (c) IT’S SUMMER…

Put down the tablet/phone/laptop and step outside for a minute!  There’s a real world out there… read more

Linux in the woods

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Oh yeah, nixnut…

Well, the thing is, it’s summer time here in Maine.  We’re outdoors with no Internet access.  Out in the woods.  Enjoying the last warm days of summer!  Yes on August 5th, 2015 we’re basking in the last warm days of the year.  I’m ready to move south… read more

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