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Available immediately, VSIDO II Velociraptor

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Available today, as of 2:00 pm, is VSIDO II Velociraptor. On Jan 17th this year, VastOne, aka, Terry Ganus released “the Kraken”, better known as VSIDO Linux. It has been a smashing success! Terry has essentially brought SID to a place, where any user, can reliably count on it as their main desktop OS. SID is known in the Debian world as the “Unstable” step brother to Debian’s ‘current’ stable release, Debian 7.0, codename Wheezy. (Many Linux designers have a ‘codename’, which in Debian’s case is always referenced to a “Toy Story” character from the children’s film. Sid is the angry next door neighbor kid who is mentally unhinged. The current stable release is Wheezy, the penguin from “Toy Story 2” with ‘Jessie’ being the name of Wheezy’s successor) SID would be better described, (and Debian would be better served) if they changed this moniker from “Unstable” to “Rolling Release”. Not quite the bleeding edge of Linux, it will always be up-to-date, as well as have the latest packages available to it. But, this article isn’t about Debian or SID as much as it is about “VSIDO II codename Velociraptor”.

Announcing immediately, the availability of version 2 of VSIDO Velociraptor. This release has been hammered, bent, twisted, tweaked and tuned to near perfection! VSIDO II Velociraptor, is, in a nutshell, the leanest, meanest, Linux distro I’ve ever had the pleasure of running. After using VSIDO for over a year now, on several different PC’s and laptops, I can report that there has never been an issue, or problem that Terry, (who is VSIDO II Velociraptor’s sole developer) hasn’t immediately taken care of. In some instances, rolling out a new ISO in the form of a LiveCD, (or USB) image every couple of weeks. Due to it’s continually improving status, for current VSIDO users, a simple apt-get dist-upgrade keeps you on top of, and current, with the latest releases of anything you have installed. VastOne also keeps every current user informed as to what has changed allowing for these users to install or update as provided.

With Velociraptor several changes have occurred in VSIDO. Originally released with the Xfce4.10 wm, Velociraptor is now utilizing Fluxbox wm. Fluxbox now becomes the wm of choice for VSIDO, and OpenBox is still available as a choice from LightDM. I only wish I’d known about Fluxbox sooner. With it, you can truly make Linux beautiful, and craft it to look how you want your computer to look. Almost all of Xfce4 has been removed, with just a couple of exceptions. The ‘Application Finder’, ‘notifyd’, and ‘task-manager’ have been retained. Thunar and Geany have both been removed, however, they remain available in the ‘vsido-welcome script’ in case a user wants to install them. Uget and gFTP have also been removed, as well as a couple of icon sets, which has reduced the size of the ISO. The ISO I used, to create my LiveUSB with, was a whopping 628Mb’s. Also gone is the Aptosid Kernel Remover, since this feature is also available via ‘smxi’, which has been installed in VSIDO since the beginning. Screenfetch also works as it should. Added to the mix as a further tool for the audio lovers out there is Pulseaudio. All of this, and it’s a very small footprint on a hdd. I mean, when you add in the welcome-script, and everything it offers to install for you, on top of the ease of use of ‘smxi’, with which you can also install .deb pkg’s, and you have everything.

4 minutes 27 seconds

Total install took less than 3Gb’s of hdd space, and 4 minutes and 27 seconds. That’s a full, working, solid install of SID, in less than 4 and 1/2 minutes! (see screenshot above showing ‘uptime’!) Memory usage also very low, but with 16Gb of RAM, it seems to operate instantaneously, from checking email, or printing a document, opening a program, or browsing the web. On first boot after install, it was using a grand total of 150Mb’s of RAM, and 1% CPU usage. (There are screen-shots on the community site of users systems running as low as 83Mb’s of RAM!) It does all this while keeping it’s cool as well. In the past year, CPU temps have stayed low, and now, Velociraptor keeps temps even lower. My hardware loves it, with motherboard, and CPU temps staying very low. I have a powerful, and pretty new laptop! It never gets hot! I can hold it in my lap for hours without having to worry about it burning my legs! Also, to top it off, I rarely ever hear the fans!

Velociraptor has everything that someone using Linux will need, and the distro is so well crafted that it hums along seamlessly on your hardware. The good news is, that it is just as speedy on that ‘not so new’ hardware, and it doesn’t require a lot of space on a hdd, making some of those old hdd’s suddenly a little more viable. My initial install topped out at 2.4Gb’s. VSIDO Velociraptor is a very elegant, and sophisticated OS. Believe me, your PC or Intel based Mac will love you. Yes, it will install on either architecture, PC, or as just mentioned, an Intel based Mac. Velociraptor also has the best support of any computer product I’ve ever used! There is a community site at The members are very helpful, (and friendly!) and there’s also an IRC channel at #VSIDO on freenode, that runs 24/7 and is usually always manned by one or more people who know their stuff.

With 32bit, and 64bit versions available, this truly is an OS for anyone! Amazingly, it is free! Proudly supporting the FOSS philosophy, everything is ‘free’, and ‘open source’. A direct quote from the Free Open Source Software wiki; The benefits of using FOSS include decreasing software costs, increasing security and stability (especially in regards to malware), protecting privacy, and giving users more control over their own hardware. Free, open-source operating systems such as Linux and OpenBSD are widely utilized today, powering millions of servers, desktops, smartphones (e.g. Google Android), and other devices. Free software licenses and open-source licenses are used by many software packages.

When it comes to an OS, VSIDO Velociraptor is an easy alternative to the high priced Operating Systems sold today. It is just as powerful, more stable, seriously better equipped to handle security and privacy, and then throw in better support. Why wouldn’t you choose it? While I’ve spoken mostly of Velociraptor in terms of desktop computers, it is just as viable as a server! There, I said it, running SID in a server environment. Crazy right? Not so, Velociraptor is that good, and is being used in that manner right now. If you can think of it, Velociraptor can ‘handle it!

Download and give it a chance today! You wont be sorry.

VSIDO II Velociraptor 64bit

VSIDO II Velociraptor 32bit


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