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Confessions of a VSIDO Tester!

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vsido_banner_by_lwfitzI’ve been working on a Linux project for over a year now.  OK, first confession here, it hasn’t been work.  Actually, I was lucky enough to have been the third individual to fully install and begin this testing process.  Since “The Beginning”, a few have fallen by the wayside.  Life happens.  For those of us still participating in the adventure that has become VSIDO, this has been a whale of a ride!  It has been truly reassuring to see that Linux really is a community driven project.  One that doesn’t have to fear the fickle decision making process of a Corporate board of directors concerned only with dollar signs, and bottom lines.

Over the past two months, version 2 of VSIDO, codename Velociraptor has been released.  At the same time, the user base has expanded and the community has boomed!  We now have a user base that is actively contributing to, and enhancing the VSIDO experience.

Hopefully this second confession doesn’t get me fired!  As a tester I get access to all the latest ISO’s VastOne aka Terry Ganus (VSIDO’s Developer) releases!  As time has progressed, it has gotten harder and harder to “Test” VSIDO as I install it and immediately make it my goto installation.  I find that as each ISO is released, it is better than the previous one.  I have actually “upgraded” to Velociraptor, but, in all honesty, recently released “test ISO’s” are so well done I often wonder at the necessity of me testing each and every one!  Although I still do this testing with sincerity, I’m genuinely astonished at how well done each new release is.  If you haven’t tried VSIDO yet, and you use Linux, then you are truly missing out.  It is a staggeringly well done distro!

Throughout years of dabbling/playing/experimenting with Linux, I’ve discovered that, unfortunately, some Linux communities leave a lot to be desired when it comes to friendly helpfulness.  This can range from some being blatantly aggressive, elitist, guru types, who are able to quickly tell you to RTFM, (READ THE F*$#&*@ MANUAL) but don’t have the common courtesy to give you an actual answer that would be quicker for them to type.

There is also the opposite end of that equation, where you end up with communities of users eager to help and show the benefits of Linux.  Places like  A friendlier, more helpful community I’ve yet to find!  Since coming online in January, I can’t recall a single instance of anyone having to wait more than 24 hours for an answer/fix, and the time is usually well short of that.  There is an active, and good natured conversation going pretty much 24/7 in the IRC channel, which can be found at #VSIDO on the IRC server.

Some real stand out users/members at, whose contributions have not gone unnoticed, like PackRat, statmonkey, zbreaker, ozitraveller, mrneilypops, and many, many others to numerous to name.  The mods/ops in the forums and IRC are especially appreciated, guys like Digit and dizzie, who are apparently never absent, to lwfitz and of course VastOne himself without whom we wouldn’t be there!  (and yes, I’m there to with my most often used word being “what”)


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