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Distro Spoiled

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opensuse raptorFor the last couple of weeks, I have been test driving another Linux distro for fun.  And, it has been fun!  You don’t realize how nice you have something until you throw it up against something else!  The same holds true for Operating Systems.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been driving openSUSE 13.1’s equivalent of SID basically.  It is their same concept as Debian’s with the unstable SID branch.  I do not have a bad word to say about it.  The ISO I used was the KDE live build Factory edition.  KDE 4.11 is a real eye opener.  I might fall in love with KDE again.  Don’t start hyperventilating, I’m still enamored with Fluxbox and can’t imagine leaving it behind.

On installing openSUSE, it was quick work indeed to get it up and running in a VM.  Sadly, the same couldn’t be said for the ‘bare metal’ install.  I love my current distro, VSIDO Raptor, so much, that I was unwilling to rebuild my disks as GPT. (currently they are not formatted to the GPT specifications, but are still utilizing the msdos partitioning scheme.  openSUSE didn’t seem to appreciate this which could have been entirely on me!)  On a brighter note, it looks as if 13.1 will be ready for EFI if I understood things correctly.  In openSUSE’s defense, I was using the RC2 version, as well as the Factory build, and the current 12.3 Netinst,  and not the official release version which will be available in 5 days from the writing of this post.  I WILL try the official release when it comes out!

As a VSIDO user now for well over a year, I have become very spoiled by Linux and the community that supports VSIDO.  There is never and issue thats not solved (at least for me) in less than 24 hours)  very quickly.  Actually there really are no issues at all.  It is usually a matter of me not being familiar with a specific Linux feature, and one of the community steps and says “hey just do such and such” and voilà!

In doing the test drive with openSUSE, I was again reminded how “spoiled” I’ve become using VSIDO Raptor.  An install that can literally be done in less than 4 minutes.  (I have the screen shots to prove this!)  All the needed apps one needs, from beginner to advanced Linux user, and the quick roll-out of ISO’s when Kernel changes happen, or when the dev finds something else that is awesome to build into the distro, or whether a community member points us to something really cool!  VSIDO if your wondering, is to date the greatest Linux distro I’ve ever used.  That spans a period covering 1991-current.  That was not constant use or always having a distro installed even.  However, the last 3 years I have not given MS the time of day, and my 13.3 inch Macbook has become the laptop for my son.

I have had some help the last few days from some of the dev’s at openSUSE (or formerly the Cloverleaf Linux crew), and KDE help as well.  My thanks to SFaulken, kigurame, and petracvv!  These 3 guys are an asset to their teams for sure.  Some of the kindest, and also brilliant guys I’ve met.  With the people that I get help from, and dev’s like the aforementioned, Linux is headed down a really strong, and solid path.  People that freely give their time to their virtual communities, and do so with humor, humbleness, and most of all the kind understanding that sometimes they’re dealing with idiots like me, and are somehow able to never make you feel that way.  I’ve said it before, I just can’t understand how the whole world hasn’t switched to Linux!

While I’m still sticking with VSIDO Raptor, I can’t help but tell you that openSUSE is a worthy distro that has really come a long ways.  If you are a distro-hopper, you wont be disappointed with it I’m sure.  You’ll also get a good look at the newest bleeding edge version of the KDE Plasma Desktop.  It is simply beautiful.  You can see the hard work they have put into this project.

Again, to kigurame, SFaulken, and petracvv a special thanks for your kindness and great advice!

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