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VSIDO 3 Codename: savant-hakerdefo

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VSIDO 3 Now Available


That’s right, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!  Version 3 released this week, unveiling a slightly new direction for VSIDO.  Now a Fluxbox only distro, a smaller LiveUSB image coming in at 412mb just in case you rather have the LiveCD version.  For those that are unaware, using a LiveUSB can speed up an install by at least a factor of 10 and is as easy to make as a LiveCD.

The total install once completed averages around 1.6Gb’s of space.  Memory resources are also at an all time low.

This build, like it’s predecessors in the past has all the apps and tools at your disposal to be up and productive in less than 4 minutes.  That is correct, from a blank hdd to a fully functional OS in less than 4 minutes!

Easily would run on a 10Gb hdd on a system with 1Gb of RAM.  If your looking to jump into the Linux game, then VSIDO is where you’d want to start!  24/7 support in the #VSIDO channel on the IRC server, or at the forums which are located at  A friendly and helpful community that is dedicated to making your VSIDO experience top notch.

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