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Rabbit Hole

Terry Ganus 0
One derivative gives you everything, 
and one nothing at all
And the one that git will get you 
is the master of them all

Go ask billyball when it was 1000 feet tall

And if you go chasing UNIX, 
and you know it's going to fail
Tell them your neck beard had overcome you 
and the need was to learn

And call Linus, when he was so small

When the engine of the spiders 
take you where to go
And you just had an epiphany 
that showed you nothing at all

Go ask Google, they always know

When choices and decisions 
have led you to the end
And the watchtower is leading you 
to the mint valley
And the redhats and fedoras no longer fit
Remember what the savant said
information is the only power

C'mon, you know you want to...

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