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Asus G55VW Keyboard Back-Light

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headbangerThis was originally intended for an Asus G73 laptop.  I have an Asus G55VW laptop, and it works great. (It requires the installation of 2 separate scripts!)  I didn’t even change the directory name.  (/home/jed/g73)  Scripts attached at bottom of post…
This is taken directly from the README file included with the g73 script;

1. Clone this repository to your home directory (or wherever you want to, I’ll do this example in ~/ for simplicity)

        git clone git:// g73

2. Make sure all scripts are marked executable:

cd g73
        chmod +x *.sh

3. Take a look at these scripts to make sure you trust them!  Why?  Because they’ll need root access, without asking for the password.  Now, we’ll add these scripts to allow `sudo`to run them without asking for any password:

su -c ‘visudo’ # or ‘sudo visudo‘ if you’re a sudoer (on VSIDO etc)

Then, just add the following lines at the end of the sudoer file (or similar, with the script names etc). Of course, replace `ktoso` and `/home/ktoso/` with your *username* and *your home directory*. (ktoso is the author of the g73 script, and here’s a heartfelt “Thank-You” to ktoso!)

## allow running keyboard backlight scripts

Once you have the script installed, open your ~/.fluxbox/keys file (assuming your on VSIDO which comes default with the Fluxbox WM) and add the following lines to the file. (changing username and home directory of course)  I used xev to determine the numbers for the keybindings.  xev is included with VSIDO by default.

# Keyboard Brightness Controls
# keys: dim 237, bright 238
237 :Exec /home/jed/g73/
238 :Exec /home/jed/g73/

Next you’ll need to install the 2nd script that is attached below.  There is a README with it as well, explaining how to “get ‘er done”!  This script adds the necessary files and folders to /sys/class/leds/asus.  This is where the other script gets the info to turn on and off the lights, as well as a dim, bright, brighter setting!

Now with all that said, there is one other little detail I hadn’t considered when asked to share this info.  It is intended to work with an Asus laptop as I stated above.  It also relies on the attached scripts to be installed.  This may be a show stopper as it is specific to an Asus laptop.  I’m not sure if names can be changed to protect the innocent, err, I mean work with a different brand/model or not.  This was all just kind of thrown together over the last couple of nights.  Mainly it is here so I can recreate this scenario on my laptop in the event a disaster occurs on my machine!  You’d be amazed at how much simpler this way is than the outrageous, ludicrous hack I had working before!

If you find this confusing, don’t worry, I did too!  Patience and Google do pay off.  (I’ve also been told I’m as stubborn as a mule)  I will also try to help if there are questions.  (help can be had at the VSIDO forums)  When it gets right down to it, I don’t see why these two scripts couldn’t be edited to work with any brand of laptop out there.  I also am not a programmer/scripter by any stretch of the imagination, so this may NOT be possible.  I have learned the greatest lesson to be learned in LinuxCopy/Paste! (otherwise known as Ctrl-c, and Ctrl-v)  Seriously.  Scripts are basically ‘human readable code’, and as such, with a little determination and study, you can usually edit them to do what you want.  (I have even got to the point of having written a couple for myself!)

I said all that to say this;  If I can do it, anyone can do it!  BUT, don’t expect me, or anyone associated with the host of my site to be responsible for your machine if something goes horribly awry after this exercise.  I’ve done things to PC’s that have made fire come out of them!

I mean seriously, would you let a chimp drive your Corvette?

Asus keyboard backlight script

g73 Keyboard backlight script

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