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USB 3-1.3: device descriptor read/64, error -110

headbanger“USB 3-1.3: device descriptor read/64, error -110” or “-60” or “-32” or “-71” and so on, etc etc etc…

This has been an ongoing issue for me for a long time.  It can also be seen as something like “Bluetooth patch file failed to load” or something similar.  Also as “ath3k failed to load” type errors.

In order to fix it I did a Google search for “ath3k-1.fw for Debian Sid”.  Followed the link to the ftp site for Debian SID, downloaded the .deb file, and then ran it using g-debi.  (yes I’m lazy and g-debi works just great)  Or, alternatively, you could just do a simple “sudo apt-get install firmware-atheros“!!!  Once it installed, I went to /etc/modules and added ath3k to the list that is in the modules file.  (you’ll have to edit that file as root)  Then from a terminal, I ran “sudo modprobe -v ath3k“.  (with no errors!  If you get an error, I’m sorry, I haven’t experimented any further since this worked for me.)  After all of this was completed, since I have a laptop, I did a full shutdown, pulled the battery, and let the laptop sit for a couple of minutes.  Put the battery back in, plugged it in, booted it up, and voilà!  No more error on boot-up.

Hope this helps someone.  On some reboots it was taking up to a couple of minutes to boot up.  I am now back to “almost” instantaneous boots!  I’m glad it is finally resolved, and yes, I had this issue with systemd, as well as with sysVinit.  It pokes it’s head up as various errors, but always comes back to the Atheros chip firmware.  I did just recently hear that it’ll be included in future builds of VSIDO!  As to the cause of the error, the more I read, the more “reasons” for the error I came up with!  Long story short, the above should help, and if not, just keep Google busy till a better fix can be found.

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