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DistroWatch Credibility Debacle

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As I sit here writing this tonight, I am totally amazed at the genuine stupidity of DistroWatch dot com. Some in the Linux world would have you believe that the writers at DW are all just an article/post away from a Pulitzer prize. Their statistics, when it comes to the “most popular” Linux distro available, based on a “Hits per day” method to gauge popularity, is about as accurate as any internet poll you’ll come across.

Many new to Linux hear of DW and truly believe it is Linux gospel. It is NOT! To bandy about a headline, “Community developments: The systemd project forks the Linux kernel”, that is such a hot button issue for Linux users today is totally irresponsible and, for me, conclusively proves they have zero credibility.

For those who come to their defense, claiming “Oh it was just an ‘April Fools’ joke, we are still in March! To post such an article with no disclaimer, no acknowledgement that it is comic relief, is not just poor editorial oversight, but truly poor judgement. For those in the land of make believe, pixie dust, and Yosemite Sam, (Ivan Gotyaovoitch?) look no further for what is “NOT” happening in the world of Linux than DW. DistroWatch must be fervent followers of PT Barnum, who is credited with coining the phrase, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”.

After thoroughly searching for a systemd developer named, I’ve Got Ya Over %1tch, (Ivan Gotyaovoitch?) I came to the realization that DW was embarking on a Science Fiction Odyssey. I had already made my own conclusions long ago concerning DW and the ‘validity of things’ posted there. I cringe to think of the curious, or new user, or a business considering Linux, reading such tripe. When they (DW) try to ‘be the news’, they can no longer ‘report the news’! With all the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and doubt) over the last 2 or 3 years concerning systemd, this just stirs that right back into a frenzy. Nice job DW, lets see how much more damage you can do to the great world of Linux. As to the person who wrote the article, Jesse Smith, of all the gushing, mushy BSD write-ups, why bother to write anything about the Linux Kernel at all?. Maybe Jesse is Ivan!

DistroWatch, the leader in Linux fiction! Every time I stumble into the DW web site, I leave feeling dumber! Brain cells actually die at a staggering rate while browsing there…

A big thank-you to Jesse Smith, once and for all, proving the irrelevancy of DW. Their articles hold about as much weight as the accuracy of their “Hits Per Day” measurement of distro popularity!

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