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The subsequent, subsequent post?

OK, I’ll just come out and type it.  There will not be a ‘subsequent’ Nexus post.  (a) I don’t recall what I was going to write about anyway (b) it would have been boring and probably already written down somewhere else and (c) IT’S SUMMER…

Put down the tablet/phone/laptop and step outside for a minute!  There’s a real world out there…

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My children and wife are my life! Worked in the computer industry as a network engineer, living between Maine and Indiana for the past 20 years or so. Love to write. Love Linux, the community it has inspired, and most importantly, I can run my computer free, better than yours, even with all that money spent to "buy" your OS. Oh yeah, I think I'm funny, (though I know looks aren't everything) and you'll laugh if you read my site posts!

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