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Happy New’s Year…

Another new year.  Still using VSIDO.  Still hosting nixnut.com!  New challenges coming up this year.  Some health issues.  I’ll post more news about that sometime around the end of January.

Fluxbox, the 'floating' WM.

Hasn’t watching the news this last year been a doozie!  Obviously the title of this post should read “Happy New Year”!  The news, well forget that.  I quit watching all that drivel.  Nonsense…

Meantime, I’ve got the lappy so well tuned and setup I’m loathe to do a rebuild on it.  It’s been forever since I did a fresh install.  Testing for VSIDO, I’m afraid I’ve arrived at a bad habit, relying on testing ISO’s with Virtualbox.  I have downloaded the 20 Jan. ISO’s and dd to USB and booted them up.  Perfection as usual.

Making no New Years resolutions.  Hope you all out there that read these nobody blogs had a really good New Years eve!  I will try to more faithfully write here this year.  VSIDO is still going strong, and I don’t foresee jumping that ship anytime soon!

Anyway, here we go for another year!  Looking forward to some good things happening…


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