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Still messing around with the new site and how it looks.  If it seems like something funky is going on just wait a couple of minutes and try again.  I’m probably changing something.  This will be happening mostly late at night as that is when I tend to be awake, alert, and most likely feeling like it…

Anyway, sorry if you experience any site problems.  The fault is all mine!


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Top Dog at NixNut.com
My children and wife are my life! Worked in the computer industry as a network engineer, living between Maine and Indiana for the past 20 years or so. Love to write. Love Linux, the community it has inspired, and most importantly, I can run my computer free, better than yours, even with all that money spent to "buy" your OS. Oh yeah, I think I'm funny, (though I know looks aren't everything) and you'll laugh if you read my site posts!

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