Don’t waste your time or money.  They truly suck.  Poor customer service to the point of the reps being flat out rude.  I was told to just deal with it.  They should be put out of business.  If anyone out there is interested in starting a class action law suit, I would be very interested in signing on.  Consumers should not be treated in such a manner.  They flat out lie, cheat, and steal from us. (the consumer)  The BBB or Congress or someone should be doing something about this.  Avoid Directv at all costs.  They are hands down the worst choice you could make when it comes to television.  Directv if you don’t like this then bring it on!  I’m madder than I’ve ever been at any business I’ve done business with.  YOU SUCK!  TOTALLY!!!

I just had to reset my main receiver AGAIN!  Changed channels and nothing but a grey screen.  I will be cancelling this service.  Good luck to Directv getting my early cancellation fee of around $4oo.oo.  I’ll never pay it, even if it means filling bankruptcy to avoid it.  They’ve got the last penny from me unless they can straighten out this bull crap.  DON’T USE DIRECTV AT ANY COST.  The headaches just aren’t worth it!!!  Get your act together Directv.  The consumer deserves way better and unfortunately it doesn’t appear your going to come around to the consumers way of thinking.  BITE ME!!!


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