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DIRECTV really is the WORST!

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OK, so I thought I’d get some savings by switching from Cable to Directv.  Wrong answer.  Directv is the most miserable company in America.  Maybe the World!  Trying to talk to any of their representatives is a very painful process.  They make it that way on purpose of course.  We were totally misrepresented when signing up for the service.  I get no local channels, the signal strength goes and comes depending on the wind, and if it’s storming, then just go get a book cause your TV viewing is over till the storm’s gone!  Worst customer service in the history of customer service.  If your considering switching to Directv, DON’T!  You’ll age 10 years, all your hair will fall out, and your dog will get rabies!  What a MISERABLE corporation.  Oh yeah, once you’ve had the service a few months, they’ll remove a few of the channels you’ve watched alot!  They’ll give ’em back only if you pay a LITTLE extra for those channels.  Also, when you lose a channel (or 26) they’ll blame it on anyone but themselves.  STAY AWAY FROM DIRECTV!!!  They run their business like the mafia.  As long as you send them a couple hundred bucks a month, they’ll let you keep your knee-caps.  Is it really worth so much to be able to watch some tripe or drivel on the boob tube?  I don’t think so!

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