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Hmmm, Parents or Microsoft

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Want to know how terrifying it is to be a parent in todays America? I received this in an email today from MSN (also known as the Microsoft Corporation);

Dear parent or guardian:
According to the birth date provided for your child’s Microsoft online account, “your childs name here” is now 13 years old. You are therefore no longer able to manage permissions for the “your childs name here” account through Account Services, and your child may create a new account without your permission.

United States law requires websites and services to obtain parental permission to collect, use, or share personal information from children under 13. Because this child is now 13, you can no longer manage permission for this child for Microsoft online services.

For information about how Microsoft collects and uses personal information, please review the Privacy Statement at

Thank you for using Microsoft online services.

The MSN Parental Controls Team

Please do not reply to this message, which was sent from an unmonitored email address. Mail sent to this address will not be answered.

The MSN PARENTAL CONTROLS TEAM? Doesn’t that just about say it all? A corporation “controlling parents”! This is what is wrong with America today, and part of the reason that parents have lost control of their children. Our Government has slowly, but surely, eroded the control parents have in raising their children and ensuring they (our children) have a strong moral and ethical compass (we the parents) guiding them through their youth. With a corporation as large as Microsoft, I suppose we’re supposed to ‘trust’ them to know what is best for our child/children! I don’t trust them enough to even install their software on my computer, much less depend on them to know what is or is not best for my children. Everyone is so busy worrying about the “FISCAL CLIFF” that they’ve totally disregarded the “MORAL CLIFF” we as a Nation have plunged over. We’ve lost an entire generation of our youth to decadence, and immorality, that we quite possibly may never recover from! Hillary got it wrong a few years back when she said “it takes a village to raise a child”! When the ‘village’ raises the child, you end up with “the village idiot”! Our National Shame! And our children will pay with their futures…

  1. Your right Sector11. The corporate ‘takeover’ of all governments is becoming quite alarming!! If we the citizens don’t stand up however, then we only have ourselves to blame.

  2. Sector11 Sector11

    That is just plain horrible! I remember a situation a few, more than a few, years back in Canada.

    Parents were responsible for the actions of their children until they reached 18.
    Children, by law, were allowed to walk out of the parental home at the age of 16 if they had a place to go.

    So now there were 17 year old kids out there that had not seen their parent in a year, they get into trouble and Mom and Pop are hauled in! It happened to a friend of mine! Something is NOT right!

    Does the phrase “.. going to hell in a hand basket” sound familiar!

    So MS can “spy” on a 13 year old but what happens when you “spy” on them – Oops! Jail!

    If one person steals something it’s called theft, if 100 corporations do it it’s called business.

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