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VSIDO Officially Released

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Release the Kraken!

The exact words used today by the creator of VSIDO, Terry Ganus aka VastOne, to let the world know that the final testing, and developing, phase was through and the first official release of VSIDO Linux was available to all! You can get it now from the VSIDO download site without reading any further if you just can’t wait! I’ll list the link at the bottom of the article again for those of you who’d like a little more information first. The VSIDO Community is a great and friendly place as well, and you’d be missing out without at least paying it a visit to see what this is all about!

After many months in development, and then many more months of testing, VSIDO is ready for all. VSIDO is a Linux distribution based on the very solid foundation of Debian. The initial release of Debian was on August 16th 1993. The 20 year anniversary of the Debian Project is this year, and what better time to try a new distribution based on it.

I have written here about VSIDO more than once in the past few months. I officially became a “tester” for this distribution on November 10th 2012. I have to admit that at first I was puzzled by the fact that what I had installed was a “testing version” of VSIDO. I say that because since the date mentioned above, I have used VSIDO as my main operating system. What was at first considered a “testing” version has since grown into a very solid and stable version of Linux that anyone can install and get running.

There are many reasons for using Linux today. Some distributions are built solely for technical applications and uses, some are built solely for the programmer, some for manufacturing and so on. What is a little known fact among home users is that Linux is the fastest growing Operating System in the world today. Microsoft and Apple DO NOT want you to know this fact! While you could choose from a myriad number of distributions, choosing one can sometimes be tricky and even frustrating. VSIDO eliminates this by being a very easy install that is ready to use right out of the box so-to-speak! Instant productivity, seamless network/Internet integration, and access to over 29,000 software packages make it a very attractive alternative to operating systems that can sometimes run you hundreds of dollars. Thats before you purchase any of the software you’ll need to start being productive, or simply have fun. VSIDO’s system requirements are such, that you can easily bring an older computer back to life! Thought you were going to have to donate it, or worse, take a trip to the dump, think again.

VSIDO can currently be installed with a choice between three popular Linux Kernels; the latest Debian Kernel, the latest Liquorix Kernel, or the latest Siduction Kernel. Once installed, you’ll also have the choice of two very nice desktop environments, Xfce 4.10, or OpenBox! Of course if you’d like something different, the beauty of VSIDO is that it’s at your fingertips. It works equally well with Gnome, KDE, LXDE, or i3, to name just a few of the desktop environments available to Linux users.

Logged into the Xfce desktop environment;


Logged into the Xfce desktop environment
Logged into the Xfce desktop environment

And here I’m logged in using Openbox;


Logged into OpenBox
Logged into the OpenBox desktop environment

I’ve mentioned the easy install process. It is a pain free install that is almost totally automated for you! We’ve had testers who have completed the install in less than 5 minutes!  To be fair, my fastest install was 6 minutes and 59 seconds!  As seen here at the top of the screen where it shows the “Uptime”;


Fast install of VSIDO!
Fast install of VSIDO!

As I write this, I’m also reminded by my screenshots of the eye-candy that is easy to get running as well, as seen here;

VSIDO with multiple conky's and Tint2
This is an extreme example meant to show all the opportunities for an aesthetically pleasing desktop with LOTS of eye-candy! This screen-shot shows multiple instances of Conky (a system monitor and more) and Tint2 which are the panels at the top, side and bottom of the screen used for launching applications and such.

What other operating system can you say that of? The beauty of VSIDO doesn’t stop after the install process is over. If you were to have a problem, however unlikely that is, or just a question you’d like answered about your new OS, all you have to do is ask! With a full time, on-line community of knowledgeable users, any question you have can, and will be, answered for you. For nothing! Free, gratis, you get the idea! No support charges, just the full support of the friendliest on-line Linux community out there. No one will ever start you off with a RTFM type of comment, or make you feel like a noob!

Not to leave out the other benefits of being a VSIDO user, you can pretty much forget about ever getting a virus, or having your system slow down due to malware or spyware! The Internet has never been this easy or fun!

So, to re-iterate, VSIDO Linux is now freely available, at no charge, with over 29,000 software packages, a free, on-line, supportive community, and more. From older hardware, to hardware that was released today, it just works. In the time I’ve been using VSIDO, I’ve not encountered one crash, lockup, or BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! Not to mention the lack of malware or viruses that are so prevalent when using Microsoft’s products.

So, without further ado, you should go download it right now and get started on the road to computing freely and with actual enjoyment of your system! VSIDO Linux, todays best Linux distribution, period!


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