New Laptop 2013

So a laptop died last year and we’ve been one short at our house.  After spending the last week looking/searching for the best deal out there for a maxed out laptop,  it has come to my attention that I’ll probably end up with a pc with Windows 8 on it.  I am not excited.  I’ll definitely boot it up and check out the hoopla coming from the MS fanboys, but if all I’ve read is true, it’ll be wiped before the day is through!

Most of my looking has been done, in the hopes that once purchased, I’ll have a Linux laptop to last at least a couple of years!  Currently, I’m using a Dell XPS 15z, and I’ve been quite happy with my Linux experience on a laptop!  This in spite of the fact that when purchased, I was naive enough to have bought a laptop with the Optimus graphics technology.  A mistake I wont make again.  It was difficult surmounting the Optimus hurdle with Linux.  But, not impossible.  After a rather steep learning curve discovering the ins and outs of graphics, and how they work with the Linux Kernel, I now know to be sure to purchase a system with dedicated graphics.

Once the new one is here, I’ll be sure to post about it…   One prediction I can easily make;  VSIDO will be the distro of choice, whatever laptop it is!

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