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rog_logoThis is where I can vent and rage against the machine so-to-speak.  For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been trying to REGISTER at the ROG Forums website.  To no avail.  This is totally unacceptable as this is the community site for the Asus computers you purchase.  Their response is NONE, and that is even worse than someone being rude to you.  They just ignore you.  A $2000.00 laptop, you’d think they’d jump through hoops to be sure your happy with more than just the hardware.  This is apparently not the case.  I see that current users there are posting as the dates suggest an always active forum crowd.  Perhaps they’ve reached their limit for users?  Well I guess I’ll never know as I can’t get a response from them as to why I can’t sign up with my EXISTING Asus Member account, which is connected to my REGISTERED G55VW ROG Gamers Laptop!  So if you had to say this was a review of the ROG Forum website, it would definitely tell you to go somewhere else as they SUCK Big Ones!  Totally unacceptable and RUDE beyond belief.  THEY SUCK!  Did I mention that THEY SUCK!!!

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