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The Laptop Return!

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OK, so a little late getting this written, but better late than never.  In February I bought an MSI Laptop from a reseller on ebay.  Said reseller being Computer Upgrade King.  I returned the laptop at or about the 30th day of having it.  I did so because when trying to restore the original OS it would not see the Samsung SSD drive.  It was there in BIOS, but just refused to accept the restore technique provided by MSI, which was simply the create/restore process.  So, a thumbs down to MSI as the experience was very taxing on my mental health!

As far as Computer Upgrade King goes, they promptly returned my entire purchase amount but, only after a threat of filing a complaint with ebay and the Better Business Bureau in Midlothian VA.  I was also forced to pay the return shipping, which was, I suppose, a small price to pay to get my refund.  I was forced to make the threat of filing complaints after being told it might take up to two weeks to receive my refund.  This after paying immediately via PayPal.  Upon realizing my intentions were serious, the money appeared in my PayPal account that very day!  Needless to say, I’ll never do business with them again.

Ebay has a policy that allows questionable sellers to still have a 5 star rating.  All the seller needs to do is offer free shipping!  That’s it!  In the future, when buying on ebay, I wont be as interested in the shipping charges as I will the sellers rating in the ebay community.  I have purchased a total of 6 laptops via ebay.  I will continue to do so, however, I’ll definitely do my homework a lot better…

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