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32 bit VSIDO Linux Released Today

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vsidoroomWell, for those of you who have been waiting, the wait is over!  You can download the 32 bit version from the link at the bottom of this post.  There is now a 32 bit version of VSIDO available for download for those of you with 32 bit pc’s.  If you can’t wait, you can just get it here!

Also, this is good news for anyone thinking of throwing out that “older” pc or laptop.  With the 32 bit version of VSIDO, you can literally breathe new life into an old pc.  I personally just ‘resurrected’ an old Toshiba laptop that has 692Mb of RAM.  It boots into the VSIDO OS only using 84Mb’s of RAM!  It is also no strain on the Intel Celeron processor!

To quote a good friend and fellow ‘tester’ of VSIDO, this version works on pc’s that are held together with nothing but cobwebs and cigarette ash!

A benefit of using VSIDO for those of us who’ve been on board since the beginning, is the speed of the install.  It will install on a new pc in literally 5 minutes.  Completely!  Ready for productivity right now.  Until today this was only possible for those of us with the 64 bit architecture.  No more.  Now ANYONE is able to take advantage of this fast, reliable, and lean Linux distro!  In my experiences installing the 32 bit version, it only took a little bit longer than the 64 bit version due to the fact that I was installing on an old 4200RPM hdd.  All of that said, if you really want to breathe new life into that computer, don’t hesitate to grab a copy of VSIDO today.  It is well worth the short amount of time it’ll take you to be up, running, and productive on any computer!

If you missed the download link above, VSIDO can be had here!

  1. jst_joe jst_joe

    @Sector11 wrote;
    “I wonder it it can be installed to a usb stick.”
    Well now I just happen to have a 16GB SDHC and usb adapter and you know my motto…
    Why not?
    I’ll give it a shot in the next day or two.

  2. Sector11 Sector11

    Awesome! Yes, people have been waiting. I wonder it it can be installed to a usb stick.

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