Hopefully you’ll find here some useful Linux information concerning all manner of Linux subjects, from fixes, to howto’s, what to avoid, new apps, different viewpoints about Linux and all things relating to FOSS and GNU.

I worked in the computer industry for almost 30 years and upon reaching the burn-out level, now just rant about it!  Excuse the diatribes, vitriol, and opinionated posts as they are just my opinion and I recognize that opinions are like armpits!  Everyone has a couple and usually at least one of them stink!

As time passes I’m hoping that more of the intelligent Linux devs/testers/maintainers will be willing to open up some and share their particular experiences with Linux and how it can benefit us all.

People misconstrue the fact of Linux being free by associating that with cost.  Yes, it is free for you to have, share, and distribute any way you like, but more importantly, it is to give you the freedom to use your computing device the way you choose to use it.  Not how some corporate entity forces you to!  With Linux, you truly “own” your computer.

Hopefully once you’ve read some of the articles here, you’ll find it a reliable place for up to date Linux information and choose to make it one of your frequently visited sites to glean the latest Linux and Linux related news from!

Your ‘clicks’ here are much appreciated.  I will do my best to keep the site up to date and as useful to the new Linux user as well as the folks that have been using it since the beginning!

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