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Posts published in June 2011

The Pic’s…

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OK, so I’m experimenting here on my site with a way to display the pics I take here in Northern Maine. The photos that show up here on the site are actually uploaded to Flickr! The pics show up here via a plugin in Wordpress. I’m trying to come up with a way to more graphically display them as part of the site. Hints, tips, opines welcome. Jed read more

Stormy Aroostook tonight…

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Great thunderstorm here in Aroostook County tonight! Lots of thunder and lightning. Hopefully no harm to anyone or their property! You should be able to see some of the pics I got from the door of my garage during the storm. I posted them on flickr, and am using a plugin to display them here on the site. Cool. It’s still rumbling and flashing outside so I’ll probably see if I can get a few more lightning bolts. Jed read more

Photo’s I’ve tried to take…

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meOK, so I’ve been trying to show off some of my pictures (not that they are that great, or anything) and have finally (for now) settled for what you see on the right. If something catches your eye drop me a line… read more

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