No Thanks, I have Linux!

As most in the computer field are aware, (unless you live under a snow drift in the Arctic) Microsoft has released the latest version of their OS, Windows 8.  I will state right now, for the record, that I have not tried it and, as a matter of fact, never even saw it in action, save a YouTube video I watched touting it’s features.  I’ve only recently switched to Linux full-time, though I did dual-boot using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit for a couple of years.  (and before that I dual-booted using WinXP and Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron, which was my first outing using the Ubuntu distro back in April 2008)  During that stint, the dual-boot was a waste of drive space considering I almost never booted into the MS OS.  Sometime around April or May of this year that all changed with the arrival of a laptop I had purchased in Feb. that I had installed Ubuntu 10.10 on.

The laptop came with a 256 GB SSD drive that, like I said, I installed Ubuntu on.  (I went with 10.10 read more


Just a quick post to let everyone that visits my site know that if you’ve got a Linux related question the following two sites are phenomenal founts of information!  Ask a question and you’ll likely get several different resolutions to pick from!  The first is the distribution I have been using for several years now, Ubuntu Forums, and another very good and informative site, #!CrunchBang Linux Forums.  If you can’t get your Linux problem or question answered at one of the above, then you should probably consider it unsolvable!  Really!!!

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